Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Let's Jump!

Last month I took the girls to Let's Jump in Keller, TX. It is an indoor bounce house facility.

I wasn't sure how much the girls would like it but they ended up loving it! Look at that BIG slide... that was Grace's favorite!

When we first went in, Grace took off and went right up to the top of the slide. I thought for sure she would get scared (it was the biggest bounce house slide I have ever seen!) and I would have to retrieve her. But she proved me wrong. She went up and down countless times and had a blast!

Doesn't it look fun??

Olivia liked climbing up and down the stairs. She didn't go down the big slide but she went down another one. She even had a great time!

We went to the Toddler Jump time which is for kids ages 5 and under. There were a couple of older kids in there playing with their younger siblings. After a while they opened it up to anyone but by that time we were getting tired and hungry so we left. 

Grace didn't slow down for a minute! She even made a friend and they followed each other around the entire time. I think they are going to want to go back sometime soon.


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