Monday, April 30, 2012

Project Life Week 17

The Mom Creative
Week 17 - April 22 - 28
We had such a good week! I had forgotten most of what we did but looking back at my pictures I am reminded of some really fun times.

 Monday - I have a coloring page app on my phone and Grace loves to play with it. She was relaxing with my phone before bed.

 Tuesday - This is a toy that Grace got for her first birthday. Olivia has really loved playing with it lately.

Wednesday - I took Grace out to get our toes painted (she got a manicure too!). She loved soaking her toes in the the water. Afterwards we stopped next door at Orange Leaf.

Thursday - This last week/weekend was our local Just Between Friends consignment sale. I dropped some stuff off Thursday morning to sale. That afternoon we were waiting for Dustin to get off work so he could take the girls home and I could shop. Grace was sound asleep in the car seat but Olivia was singing and playing.

 Friday - We attended a Strong Bonds retreat with Dustin's unit. Grace found some pine cones at the hotel. We tried to have a little science lesson with them that night in the hotel. Our pine cones wouldn't close up when we got them wet though. Now we need to find some more and try again!

Saturday - We took the girls to Bricktown in OKC. We walked around near the riverwalk, saw some baby ducklings

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Project Life Week 16

The Mom Creative 
Project Life Week 16 - April 15 - 21

  Sunday - Grace got out of bed to ask if she could have some "kangaroo cheese." She saw a kangaroo eating cheese on a cartoon a while back and calls it kangaroo cheese now.

 Monday - Olivia got into the toilet paper while I was in the shower. I had to grab my camera before I cleaned up the mess.

 Tuesday - We made cakes for Dustin's birthday, which was Wednesday. He requested Funfetti cake or pineapple upside down cake. Since we were going to church that night and they have dinner every week I made both and took dessert. Grace got her own cupcake to decorate. The frosting is her favorite part so after I finished frosting the cupcakes she got the rest of the container and frosted hers about 3 times!

 Thursday - My Mom kept the girls all day. She had just got this water table and I think the girls really enjoyed it.

 Friday - While driving down the road I saw this old farm truck. It is just like a lot of the little trucks we saw all over while in Okinawa. The steering wheel was even on the right side! 

Saturday - The girls got invited to a birthday party. They got to share a monster cupcake!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Project Life Week 15

I only have pictures from 4 days this week. We even went to the zoo and I forgot my camera. I remembered the extra batteries though. How do you do that? My Mom had her camera so I will get pictures from her at some point (I really need to take a hard drive over and copy the last year of pictures). Maybe I will get around to that before I get caught up on layouts and can add the zoo :)

The Mom Creative 
Week 15 - April 8 - 14
 Sunday - The girls loved going through their Easter baskets on Sunday morning. Then they were all dressed up for church 

Monday - We all had fun putting all the money from Olivia's Easter eggs into her piggy bank! Grace got to put her money in her bank while Olivia was taking her nap. They both got around $50!


Tuesday - My Mom had a cake that wasn't needed for a photo shoot. That meant it was a birthday party for Grace's little lamb!

 Wednesday - Grace got to drive the lawn mower!

Friday, April 13, 2012

Denton Mall

A few weeks ago we tagged along on a trip to Denton, TX with Dustin for an interview. While he was at his interview we spent some time int he mall. The girls needed socks and shoes to go with their Easter dresses so we got that taken care of then we had time to play!

The girls enjoyed the little play area they had at the mall. It was perfect for my little monkey to practice her climbing skills.



Olivia is so tiny and cute that is seems like everywhere we go she gets flocked by kids. This little boy would not leave her alone. There was a little girl not much older than her that was also being a little too friendly so I had to tell her nanny. 


After playing for a while we decided to walk to the other end of the mall and check out Barnes and Noble. They got to play with the train table and read books! I think they both had fun but we were glad to see Dustin back.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Project Life Week 14

It's another week! I completely forgot about Project Life until I woke up this morning. Maybe soon I will get caught up on my pages.

The Mom Creative

Week 14 - April 1 - 7

Sunday - Grace played Candy Land with her big Pooh and Dora. She made sure to help them when it was their turn.

Monday - Grace and Olivia loved the new park we found!

Wednesday - I turned my back for a minute and this is what I found. My little monkey climbed up onto the fireplace to get into the plant!

Thursday - Grace had fun dyeing Easter eggs!

Friday - The girls LOVE to play outside. Even Olivia loves the swings :) 

Saturday - Look at these two girls watching cartoons on Saturday morning.

Monday, April 9, 2012


We had such a good time celebrating Easter this year. Grace was really in to Easter this year and I think she really understands what Easter is all about. 

On Thursday we colored eggs.

 On Friday we made Easter cupcakes (didn't take a picture. Oops!)

On Saturday I took Grace to the egg hunt on post. She has never been to a big egg hunt before so this was something new for her.

She had so much fun! We didn't count her eggs but I think she found about 10. It went pretty fast since there were so many kids there. I think most kids got a basket full though. Out of the baskets I saw Grace probably had the least.

 She had fun going through her eggs on the way home!

Sunday morning Grace woke up to see what was in her Easter basket. The night before after she had gone to bed Dustin went outside. She heard the door and told me "Oh, I think the Easter bunny is at my house!"

Olivia loved her Easter basket too! And, yes, that would be her Christmas pj's she is wearing :)

They each got a dollar coin and that was Olivia's favorite thing! 

And then it was time to get dressed up in their new dresses for church!

Don't they look so beautiful?

After church we had lunch at my parents and an egg hunt. Both girls got quite a bit of money and candy in their eggs. Even though Olivia found the fewer eggs than her sister and cousin she ended up with the most money. We took Grace to Wal-Mart to buy the fairies she had been wanting for a month. She had been waiting to have enough of her own money to buy them.

We had another egg hunt that evening with more family. My Grandpa had some beanie babies and eggs and money and candy. Grace found a "golden egg" and won the BIG chocolate bunny! Grace also found 44 eggs! And Olivia won the prize for the least amount of money and got an extra $5.

Friday, April 6, 2012

A New Park!

Last week we found a new park on-post so we planned a day earlier this week to go. I am so glad we did! They just built this park over the winter. 

We only played on one side of the park. There was a lot more that we didn't even venture over to see. We are going to have to go back because I think this is our new favorite!

Maybe next time we can get a friend to go to race Grace down the slide.

The girls enjoyed crawling through this little tunnel!

And Olivia has really started LOVING the swings!!

Next time we are leaving her white shoes at home :)

I think Grace's favorite thing was the butterfly she found. It had a hurt wing and couldn't fly.

We will probably be back at the park next week!


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