Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Fire Safety Day

Our neighborhood has organized playgroups and today was Fire Safety day! I was actually the one in charge of running todays event and I think it was a huge success.

 There isn't a better way to have a fire safety event than to have the fire truck and ambulance come out!

 Our fire department was great and opened up the firetruck and they just started lifting all the kids up to get inside and explore.

The girls really enjoyed being able to touch everything.

Grace even got up in the driver's seat! I don't think she could see over the steering wheel though.

And I think Grace's favorite thing was going for a ride on the stretcher.

After we toured the firetruck and ambulance we went inside for snacks and crafts! I set up four tables and each table had a different activity - coloring page, shapes to glue together to form a firetruck, build a fireman, and a cut and paste activity. Grace kept telling her friend "Let's go to the next center" after they would finish an activity. I think all the kids had a blast!


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