Monday, August 13, 2012

Dallas World Aquaruim

We were trying to come up with something fun one day so we decided to head to Dallas and visit the Dallas World Aquarium.

It was very different from any aquarium we have ever been to.

This is a sloth in a tree. We could walk right up to it. A lot of the animals were not in enclosures and were free to roam.

It sort of felt like walking through a rain forest.

A monkey climbing a tree on monkey island.

Can you see the little black monkey? They were really small!

We walked along a winding path that went up and down small hills. Grace thought it was like riding a roller coaster.

She wanted to put her hands up every time we went down a hill. Olivia wasn't thrilled to be in the stroller and wanted to walk.

Penguins! We didn't stay outside to see the penguins very long... Grace said it was too stinky.

We walked through a tunnel and saw some fish!

And there was an OWL!

And the flamingos were Olivia's favorite! She tried to act like a flamingo.

We are looking forward to going to another nearby aquarium soon. We had plans to go (and bought tickets) but the girls weren't feeling too well so we will have to wait.

Friday, August 10, 2012

Fort Worth Science Museum

We decided to get a membership to the Fort Worth Science Museum. After spending over 5 hours there on Saturday I know it will be worth it!
 {waiting for the museum to open so we can get our passes}

The museum has the Grossology and Risk exhibits going on right now. The girls didn't like the Grossology exhibit much at all and the Risk exhibit was only OK in their books. 
Grace did pose in this giant nose for a picture though.
But the rest of the museum we had to pull them away from exhibits to see the others.

We started on the second floor which is where they have the temporary exhibits (Grossology and Risk right now) and the Cattle Museum and the Planetarium. We decided that since we get free passes to the planetarium we would see the Sesame Street show they were playing. The girls really enjoyed that!

Next, we headed to the first floor. After a quick bite to eat in the cafe we went to the Children's museum.

This huge mouth is the entrance to the museum. They liked climbing on the teeth.

 There was an area that Olivia really enjoyed that looked like it was for the younger kids.

And Grace loved playing doctor to the babies in the hospital nursery.

And then they both went grocery shopping together.

After playing inside for a while they wanted to go outside. There was water galore! There was not another kid that was as wet as Grace was.

Next up was the building room (we built things out of plastic straws) and then the light room (huge Lite Brite's).  And then the air room. In the air room we made things that could fly when put in the tube with air blowing it.

 The thing with the yellow tape is what we made.

Then we went to the craft room. Grace made some beautiful pictures and a pretty flower.

And last we stopped by the Dino Dig exhibit. How much more fun could a girl have?

I can't wait to go back! We didn't even see all of the museum.


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