Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Two Months

Olivia is 2 months old!

She gave me lots of smiles for her 2 month pictures.

She is 11 lbs. 5 oz. and 22 inches.
She has been sleeping GREAT.
Most nights she sleeps about 8 hours, eats, then goes back to sleep for about 4 more hours.

She has a favorite toy - the little bunny rattle we bought in Tokyo while trying to spend the little Yen we had left.
She LOVES to watch her big sister. And she loves it when Grace sings to her.
If she cries (which is very rarely) Grace will sing Jesus Loves Me or Jesus Loves the Little Children. She almost always stops and coos :-)
Grace also loves to hold and rock her baby sister.

She still hasn't slept in her crib at night yet but she has taken a few naps in there.
She loves to be wrapped up in her swaddle blanket.
She also loves to hold onto the blanket that Grandma Phyllis crocheted for her. For her afternoon nap I will often lay her down with her blanket and she will wrap her fingers through it and fall asleep. She is so cute like that!

She is getting to be so alert. She coos and talks and will smile back at us.
She is definitely a Mommy's Girl!!!

Just look at that adorable smile :-)
She is such a sweet baby!

We packed up all of her newborn clothes. She can still fit into some 0-3 month things (although she is getting a little too long for the sleepers). She mainly wears 3 months and even a few 3-6 months things. She is growing up too fast!

Friday, April 8, 2011

Looks like Spring!

We have been having some nice spring weather lately. We decided that flowers would make a nice addition to our flower bed in front of our house so Dustin and Grace got to work planting while I did a bit of pruning on some of our existing shrubs. Olivia even got in on some action - she watched from her bouncy seat!

And with new flowers, we need to water often. This is one of Grace's favorite jobs!

We have plans to build our vegetable garden this weekend!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

The Circus Came to Town!

A couple of weeks ago the circus came to our little town. We decided to take the girls and invited their Grandma and Grandpa (they came with us to the zoo too) to come too!

I didn't get but a couple pictures because the spotlights were pretty bright and I thought the pictures I did take looked horrible on the back of my camera. I just put the camera away but when I looked on the computer I was surprised they even came out this good.

There were lions and tigers. One of the tigers got in trouble for peeing on the stand it was sitting on. Grace likes to tell people about that because it was kind of funny.

Her favorite part was the juggler. She still talks about the guy who juggled. She will get her arms moving and all excited say "the guy juggled." She will even tell you everything the guy juggled - hats, rings, balls. She also really liked the clown. "He jumped. And he bumped his head. That is really funny." I guess the other parts just weren't as exciting because she never seems to mention them.

Oh, and what is a circus without cotton candy and a snow cone?
And Grace decided on the big bag of cotton candy so she could share!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011


I have a bit of catch-up to do. We have been busy enjoying the lovely weather and I just got around to getting the pictures off my camera (more than a weeks worth!). So hopefully I will get some more posts up soon!

This last Saturday we enjoyed a day at the OKC Zoo. We had been wanting to take Grace for quite some time now but just finally made time for it. She had a great time even though this wasn't the best zoo we have been to (it is hard to beat a day at the Sydney zoo!).

First we stopped by the children's zoo.
They had a barnyard where Grace got to pet the animals and she even fed a goat!

Then we went to see the birds.
Grace had a great time feeding them the nectar!

We walked around and saw lots of animals.
Grace was really looking forward to seeing the giraffes. There were several giraffes and even a baby! I think she was pretty happy.

We saw lots of other animals but I didn't get any pictures. We watched the zoo keeper feed the cheetahs, saw a couple of elephants, and flamingos, and we even saw a monkey swinging from a rope! Grace had a great time and Olivia pretty much slept through everything. After being out in the heat for so long we decided to make a stop at Cold Stone on the way home. Delicious!


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