Monday, July 25, 2011


My Five Month Old!

Olivia is still the happiest baby around. She is ALL smiles all the time! So it wasn't hard to get some pictures of her with a big grin on her face.

We had her well baby check-up this morning (we weren't able to get an appointment at 4 months). Grace was very outgoing and greeted the nurses by asking "What is your name?" They loved starting their morning like that! Olivia gave them some smiles too :-)

She is growing up FAST!
She is up to 13 lb. 7 oz (33%) and 25 3/4 inches tall (55%).
She can now roll over (the doctor congratulated her on starting off the hard way - back to belly).
She loves her toes. She will just hold on to one foot and stare at it. She does the same with her hands. She really likes to observe everything a lot. She loves her jumperoo but after a little while she gets tired of the music and just wants to figure out how the toys work.

She is such a great sleeper!
Such the opposite of her sister (who, by the way, is now a pretty good sleeper too).
A 3 hour nap is not uncommon at all.

I wonder how much she will change this month? I just want to freeze her at this age!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011


On Friday night we went to my little hometown's rodeo. We live just a few miles from where I grew up and it has been a few years since we had been to the rodeo (Dustin had been once before). We knew Grace would enjoy seeing all of the horses and cows!

It was HOT but the sun was going down and there was a little breeze so it didn't feel too bad at all. It started at 8pm (when we left around 7:45 it was still 100 degrees) which is past Olivia's bedtime and we knew she wouldn't enjoy being out in the heat so I put her to bed at my Grandpa's house since he lives right down the road. Maybe next year she will be able to enjoy seeing horses and cows too!

Uncle Billy showed up to watch. He rides in rodeos quite often but has been too busy working so he was just a spectator this time. He did take Grace to participate in the Calf Scrabble. It was open to all kids 12 years and younger and they chased a few cows around the arena trying to get the ribbon from their tales.

She came back and told us she won!
For a 2 year old having fun is all it takes to be a winner.
And then she wanted to go back out there and chase the cow again.

Monday, July 11, 2011

4th of July Parade

We spent the long weekend visiting Dustin's family in Joplin, MO. We wanted to enjoy some festivities so we joined some friends for his hometown parade on Saturday. It was a hot day, but not nearly as hot as it has been here in Oklahoma. I think we were there on one of their very first triple digit days but we enjoyed a but of the cooler weather!

Our friends invited us to a family get together to watch a firework display that night. Even though this was in someones backyard and put on by an individual it was one of the best shows we have ever been to. The display was set to music and we watched from the inside in the sunroom. This was Olivia's first time seeing fireworks and after a few minutes of looking at them she fell asleep!

Friday, July 1, 2011

The Greatest Show on Earth

Last Sunday afternoon we went to the Circus. We got there an hour early for the All-Access pre-show which was better than the little circus we went to a few months ago.
We got to see the clowns juggle!! And Grace got to meet the man with the mighty muscles and get his autograph!

This elephant is Kelly Anne. She is an artist! Grace enjoyed watching her paint a picture with her trunk. Before the show got started she asked for her own little Kelly Anne to take home. During the circus she was holding her elephant and then noticed a little green blob (tattoo) on the lady sitting in front of her. She is now convinced that her elephant pooped on the lady's back at the circus. This was also her favorite part.

A strong man

And at one point during the circus Grace started walking up the stairs. My Mom was sitting in the aisle seat so she went to get her. When she asked Grace where she was going she said "to get cotton candy" A few minutes later they came back with a bag of cotton candy.

Olivia decided to sleep through most of the show. She woke up at the very end and didn't quite know what to think about all the lights.

And my Mom has more (and much better!) pictures than I do so be on a look out for them on her blog - Artistic Images


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