Monday, May 30, 2011

Sisterly Love

Grace asked to hold her sister this afternoon. They like to snuggle on the sofa together! And Olivia is just mesmerized by her big sister :-)

Here are a couple of videos from their snuggle time.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Olivia is 3 Months Old!

Olivia turned 3 months on Wednesday!!

Time sure does fly. In the last month she really hasn't grown much at all (if any). I used our bathroom scales (and Aunt Brandy used Grandpa's scales) to weigh her and she is about 11.4 lbs. And I forgot to measure her to see how tall she is now.

She is such a happy little girl! She loves to give us BIG smiles :-)

Her favorite spot is on her changing table because she loves to look at the big picture of herself that I hung above it. She has started laughing recently!

My Mom took her 3 month pictures on Wednesday too!
We dressed her in the same outfits Grace wore for her 3 month/Easter pictures.
Hopefully I will get a post up sometime soon with pictures of both girls at the same age wearing the same dress.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Mommy's Little Girl

Isn't this girl so precious?
She is truly a Mommy's girl and I love it!

How is she almost THREE months already?

Monday, May 16, 2011

A Pigment of Your Imagination

Grace and I had a big girl afternoon a couple of weeks ago. We left Olivia with her Grandma and went to paint pottery at A Pigment of Your Imagination. This was our first visit and we had so much fun we wanted to go back!

First we walked around and picked out the piece that Grace wanted to paint. She picked this penguin. She really loves penguins!

She chose the black speckled paint for her penguin.

When she was just about done painting this she saw a frog on the shelf that she wanted. It was a really cute little box with a princess frog sitting on top. We decided to paint it too! She wasn't too happy about leaving her penguin and frog at the store to be finished but I told her we would go back soon to pick them up once they were dry. She was so excited to pick them up the next week that she wouldn't let them out of her sight!

While we were there I got an idea for a Mothers Day gift for my Mom. They had so many cute things with hand prints and foot prints and Mom had been wanting some type of jar to keep bottle and sippy cup pieces in that we decided to do this:

Brandy and I did quite a bit of planning and met at the shop one morning. I don't think Mom had any idea!

At first we weren't sure what we wanted to paint but finally decided on the cookie jar.
We got started by picking colors and putting Olivia's and Brilyn's foot prints on it.
That afternoon I took Grace by to add her foot prints

She decided she wanted to paint her hand print too and there was an empty space just the right size for her hand.

Andrew went by and added the flowers and other artwork on the jar after he got off work.
Now Mom has a pretty place to keep all of the pieces for the bottles and cups she keeps on hand for the girls. And she can always look back at how little their feet were :-)

The shop said they wanted to keep my number since Grace is so good at doing foot prints and hand prints. When we went back to pick up the jar they had been looking for feet/hands just her size for a project. They made a cute little Frog Prints-ess plate by using her foot prints (frog prints) and her palm and thumbs. They put her name on the back and when they are done using it in their store it is ours to keep! And Grace had so much fun getting the extra chance to paint (and it didn't cost me any money!!)

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Some Pictures

I finally moved the pictures from my phone to my computer. I need to start doing this more often. I thought while I have a ton of time to kill I would post some of the more recent ones.

I had bought Grace some new summer clothes but I didn't do so well with the size. At Children's Place I had to take back all of the tops since she is wearing a 3T! (I had bought 24 months) Well, at Old Navy I didn't do so well with the shorts. I knew her 18-24 month jeans from Old Navy were too small so I bought the next size up (2T) for her summer shorts. They were too big. I guess her jeans were just too short but still fit around the waist. So a week or so ago I took the girls to the mall for Chick-fil-a and a shopping trip. While we were in Sears Grace figured out how to climb out of the stroller. She then decided it was a great time and a great place to sing and dance. I wish I would have thought to take a video! Then we headed to Old Navy. Since she was already out of the stroller she wanted to walk. When we went in she had a nice visit with the Old Navy people.

This girl is her friend :-)

And of course she had to pet the puppy dog!

Before our trip to the mall we stopped at Wal-Mart. Grace had some Easter egg money and picked out a little golf set. The next morning she got to try it out in our front yard. I think she is a true baseball fan because she took a golf club and swung it like a baseball bat trying to hit the ball. Of course she had to wear all of her Cardinals gear!

We spent quite a bit of time at my parents house and they have lots of toys for the girls. Olivia had so much fun on the little play mat that she wore herself out!

Look how big my baby girl is getting!

Aunt Brandy watched the girls for a bit and she fixed Grace's hair. Isn't she so cute with her pony tail?

One evening we needed a couple of things from the store so I took the girls with me and we found a cart just Grace's size.

Grace spent a few days with my parents to make things a little easier on us while I am recovering (she is home now... she decided last night that she missed us!) Yesterday they went to Tiger Safari and my Mom sent me a picture before they left. Grace had pigtails with new bows to match her new shirt. She is such a beautiful little girl!

And last week I met my friend Chelsea and her baby Elly at the mall. Olivia picked out some toys for her car seat (the black and red thing in the top corner)

Friday, May 13, 2011

Mothers Day Weekend

We had a pretty good Mothers Day weekend. Dustin's oldest sister graduated from law school so he headed to Missouri to be at the graduation and spend a bit of time with his family. The girls and I spent the weekend with my parents. Friday was filled with doctor appointments. Grace had been running a fever and complaining that her hear hurt so I wanted to get that checked out before the weekend. Turns out there wasn't an infection but it was the start of a cold (which now I think everyone in the house besides me has caught)... we were hoping it was just pressure from a molar but now I think it is safe to say it is not just teething.

Saturday was pool building day! While we didn't do near the amount of work that everyone else did we all got to put a little help in. I got to job of adding accent pieces! Why they have those pieces is still a mystery to me. Grace helped bring all the little pieces to me so I could snap them on the pool. We also go to hold the walls up for a little while when the wind picked up. I think Grace had the most fun job though.

She got to walk around in the pool while it filled with water!

And Olivia got to supervise!

Sunday morning we got ready for church. We all had corsages to wear in honor of Mothers day!

Here is Olivia with hers :-)

After church we headed to my parents for lunch.
When we got there the pool was full of water! Grace loved spending some time playing in it. I think she is going to be spending a lot of time in the water this summer.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Easter Sunday and Olivia's Dedication

Easter was a busy day for us. We started by getting up early (I think Grace was up over an hour earlier than normal) and checking out the girls' Easter baskets.

The Easter bunny did a good job!

After Grace had time to check out everything in her basket she could hardly wait for Olivia to wake up and check out all of the goodies the Easter bunny brought. I think Grace eventually woke Olivia up during one of her many attempts to go check to see if she was still sleeping.

Grace showed Olivia all of her new stuff!

My parents stopped by to help get lunch in the crock pot and Dustin, Olivia, and I headed off to church. Mom and Dad brought Grace later. Since it was Easter Sunday and both services were combined we knew that seating could be hard to come by. We had my entire family plus my grandpa and great grandma and Dustin's aunt and grandma coming for Olivia's dedication.

Olivia wore the dress that my Grandma bought for Grace's dedication. Grace never wore the dress because she cried from the moment we put it on her until we took it off 5 min. later. Olivia didn't seem to mind a bit. Our church does baby dedications on Easter Sunday every year. They gave Olivia her very first Bible! I already had her name imprinted on it :-)

After church we headed back to our house for lunch. We were able to take a 5 generation picture with Olivia. We took one with Grace too even though we have one from when she was 3 months old. I don't have any pictures of Grace in her pretty white dress or the 5 generation pictures because my Mom took those. We also let Grace hunt eggs in the house since it was raining outside (again, I didn't get pictures). She is a good little egg hunter!


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