Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Project Life Week 12

The Mom Creative
Project Life Week 12 - March 18 - 24

Sunday - We caught Olivia playing with her sisters kitchen. So much fun! My batteries in my camera were dead so this is just a crummy phone picture :(

 Monday - We got a LOT of rain. After dinner Grace got to play in the puddles! She loved putting on her rain gear.

 Tuesday - Grace loves technology. She was playing a game on my phone.

No picture for Wednesday. We stayed home all day and I didn't get my camera out.

 Thursday - I was preparing for dinner and Olivia kept herself busy with these paper cups.

 Friday - Olivia got her first lawn mower ride!

Saturday - Grace is teaching Olivia about books! I am going to have two girls that love to read :)

And here are my week 4 layouts:

Wednesday, March 21, 2012


This is how we enjoy a rainy day!

Puddles are so much fun for a three year old :) 

And for those of you who have been reading for a while... does Grace's rain outfit look familiar? 

We splashed around in puddles in the same boots and poncho in Okinawa! 

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Project Life Week 11

Week 11 has already came and gone. This year is going by QUICK! Time sure does fly when you are having fun. I am enjoying Project Life so much. It will be fun to look back at this when the girls are a little older and remember these days.

The Mom Creative 

Project Life Week 11 - March 11 - 17

 Sunday - Grace got a Tinkerbell skirt and wings. As soon as I pulled my camera out she ran to hide. I snapped this before she could close the closet door :)

 Monday - Hmm.. I wonder where Olivia gets this! She was hiding from the camera while we were doing our grocery shopping.

 Tuesday - We spent a couple of hours at the park. The girls had such a great time!

 Wednesday - Grandma is trying to fill her trampoline with balls. She still needs some more but the girls like playing with the ones she has.

 Thursday - My silly girl climbed into the shower after I got out. She likes to trap me in the shower in the morning by pushing on the glass door. I can't open it without knocking her over on to the hard tile floor so I have to call for Grace to come to my rescue!

 Friday - Grace WANTED her picture taken. Isn't she so pretty? She loves to make sure her clothes match but this day she just wanted to wear pink socks because she loves the color pink. 

Saturday - Grace is showing off her green pancake (and eggs) that we made for St. Patrick's Day.

And here are my layouts for Week 3. I am still trying to play catch-up :)

{left side}

{right side}

Monday, March 19, 2012


Last week was full of warm, sunny days! We were outside a LOT. We weeded the flower bed and added some mulch. We picked "purple flowers" from the yard. We collected dandelions. We took walks around our neighborhood almost every day. And we went to the park! This is one of the many parks on post. We took our lunch and had a picnic before we played. Afterwards, we stopped by the "ice cream stand."

I don't know why, but Olivia likes to try and climb up slides. She would rather try to climb it than slide down it. Silly girl! 

And today we are getting lots and lots of rain. I think we will enjoy some time inside today.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Project Life Week 10

Tuesday seems to sneak up on me every week. I actually made time to focus on finishing my Week 2 layout this week. I am hoping I can start getting two layouts done each week so I can catch up. I am still learning and it is a slow process :)

The Mom Creative

Project Life Week 10 - March 4 - 10

Sunday - We took a little trip to Dallas earlier this week. On the way we stopped at a huge indoor playground before heading to the hotel to check-in.

Monday - We visited the Children's Aquarium. Grace was brave and fed the stingrays!

Tuesday - After we checked out of the hotel we had some time to kill so I took the girls to a mall. We stopped by Build-A-Bear and made our own bears! 

Wednesday - Olivia found a puzzle. She was very interested in all the pieces.

Thursday - Someone is hungry! Olivia pulled several things out of our pantry and climbed in to find her food. We keep her food in those white bins :)

Friday - We went to a new park. Olivia decided to try and climb up the slide.

Saturday - Grace had the best time playing with a wrapping paper tube and her model magic dough.

And here are the layouts that I finally finished!!!

{Left Side}

{Right Side}

Thursday, March 8, 2012


Earlier this week we took a little trip to Dallas. Dustin had a hiring convention to attend and we went along for fun!

We got to play in the pool.

 The water was COLD! We didn't get in but Grace had fun splashing. She said there were too many bugs and leaves to swim.

We went to Pump It Up which is a place with lots of BIG bounce houses. I haven't seen any this big before.

Doesn't Grace look so little at the top of this BIG slide?

This was one of her favorites.

This is the same one. There was a slide at the end that she loved!

We got to go to Build-A-Bear. I have been wanting to take Grace since she was a year old.

And we went to Going Bonkers. It had a HUGE playground.

We started off in the toddler area which was for kids 3 and under. Olivia got to enjoy playing too!

Then we followed Grace around the big kid area. I could barely keep up with her!

There were a few rides too. She liked this spinning tea cup.

And she reminded me of her Uncle Billy on the bucking buffalo!

And both girls got to ride on the race cars!

And that is not all we did! We went to the Children's Aquarium. It was the perfect size for Grace.

She learned about some sea creatures.

We saw some sharks.

 And stingrays...

Grace got to pet the stingrays.

And she even got to feed them!!

Then we looked at all the other fish and other creatures that live in water.

This alligator was one of her favorites.

And she got to see what an octopus feels like.

We had such a good time on our trip! There is so much fun stuff in Dallas :)


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