Thursday, September 22, 2011

Picking Pears

During our first week of school we were looking for an apple tree. We never found one. The Saturday of that week we were coming home and saw a tree with fruit! Dustin went and asked the people who owned the land if we could pick some of the apples off their tree. The guy told him they were actually pears but to take as many as we wanted. The next evening we took a walk to the pear tree. Dustin went to let the people know we were there to pick the pears. He talked to a lady this time who told him that is was an apple tree!

After finding some we decided they were really pears.

On the way back home the girls enjoyed their pears!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Pictures of Olivia

I thought I would post a few pictures of Olivia.

Olivia loves to play on the floor. And Grace loves to cover her in toys, blankets, and loveys.

This was a dress I wore when I was a baby (well, I think 1 year old). Grace wore it when she was 5 months, and here is Olivia at 6 months in it.

Olivia is a grabber! If she sees something she wants she reaches for it. She loves reaching for our food so one morning we shared our muffins with her.

She loved it!!

Here she is sitting in Grace's squeaky chair with a baby doll Grace gave her. Grace loves to share her things with her sister. She even shares her little lamb which has been her favorite lovey since we bought it while in New Zealand!

Over Labor day weekend we went to OKC to check out the new outlets and go to Babies R Us. Olivia rode in the cart for the first time!

Monday, September 12, 2011

Week 1 of Homeschool

We decided to start a little preschool program for Grace this year. She is almost 3 and knows her letters, numbers, colors, shapes, etc. so we thought a little structured learning would be good for her. And we were completely right. She loves doing her schoolwork! We started right after Labor day and plan to go until Memorial day.

We started by learning about the letter "A." She practiced writing, cutting, gluing, matching, counting, read about Johnny Appleseed, and learned how apples grow. We wanted to pick apples at the end of the week but couldn't find a tree that produced fruit this year (the buds got hit with a freeze) so we improvised. My Mom hot glued apples to her tree in the front yard!

As soon as Grace could see the tree she was excited! She immediately started picking the apples when we got out of the car. Later we found a pear tree so last night we took a walk and picked a bunch of pears. Grace and Olivia both enjoyed eating pears on our walk home (I will try to get those pictures up later this week... or probably more like next!)

This first week of school was pretty busy for us. We try to take a walk around the neighborhood at 8. When we make it home it is almost time for Olivia's morning nap and that is when Grace starts school. On the first day she told me she wanted to go to school in her pajamas. I didn't let her that day (I wanted some cute pictures but she ran from the camera) but later during the week she got to wear pajamas to school. We are also going to the library on Wednesday mornings (after naptime) for their story time. We listen to a story and then do a craft. Afterwards I pick out books for the following week of school.

And probably the biggest accomplishment of the week was Grace learning her memory verse. She had it memorized word for word by day 3!

"All have sinned and come short of the Glory of God. Romans 3:23"


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