Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Visiting Santa

One day last week we decided to take Grace to see Santa Claus at the local mall. I had a doctor appointment that morning so we had a bit of waiting to do before Dustin was able to meet us during his lunch break. We made a quick stop at Wal-Mart to pick up a few things for her birthday party and then we met Grandma at the mall. Grace played at the mall playground with her grandma while I did a little bit of shopping. Then it was time to change clothes and go wait for her Daddy to get there. Grace could hardly stand waiting. She was ready to go talk to Santa!

Once Dustin finally got to the mall she ran right up to Santa.
And then she didn't want to leave!!

Friday, December 10, 2010

Happy Birthday Grace

Today is a very special day in our household.
Grace turns TWO!

She is not my little baby anymore. It is hard to believe how fast time seems to fly. Was it really 2 years ago that I held her in my arms for the very first time?

And now she is so full of energy and excitement.

{Just look at that face!}

She is my big girl now and she makes sure to let us know!
She has told us she is too big for the highchair and too big for the little potty.

I love listening to her sing and talk.
And watch as she learns and makes messes.

{She loves to run and play!}

But she is still not too big to be rocked or too big to snuggle up in bed with us in the mornings!

Happy Birthday Grace!!
We love you!!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Christmas Pictures

A few weeks ago we had my mom take some pictures of Grace for our Christmas card.
Grace did SO good! She is at that age where it is very hard for her to sit still for very long. She would so much rather be exploring something. But she sat right where we told her to and she gave us some really cute smiles!

Here are some of my favorites

It looks like she is ready to have fun on that sled!

Such a cute smile

This is probably my favorite of all of them! She just looks so sweet :-)

Such a big smile!!

And here she is just being silly

I posted all of them on facebook and if you haven't seen them there you can click HERE

I think we will need to go back for more pictures soon because my little girl is turning TWO!
I have just a couple more days of her being 1. She already tells us everyday "I'm big girl!"


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