Wednesday, April 23, 2008

This weekend

On Saturday we are hosting a cookout for Dustin's RSOP team and their families. We are going to grill hamburgers and hot dogs and have lots of sides and desserts. We are expecting quite a few people here - probably around 20. Everyone seems pretty excited so it should be a lot of fun.

On Sunday we have tickets to go to Ie Island to see the Lily Festival. Evidentally, about 1 million lily's bloom around this time of year so we are hoping they will be in full bloom on Sunday. The trip will be something like this:
7:15 Leave ITT
8:30 Arrive at Motobu Port
9:00 Leave from Motobu Port on the ship
9:30 Arrive at Ie Island
9:50 Arrive at Ernie Pyle Monument (take 10 min)
10:10 The Cave of Niya-Thiya (take 30 min)
11:00 Wajee (take 20 min)
11:40 Mt Gusuku Yama (take 35 min)
12:30 Lily field park (take 90 min)
14:30 Arrive at Ie Port
15:00 Leave from Ie seaport
15:30 Arrive at Motobu Port
17:00 Arrive at Kadena ITT and go home

As you can see it will be a very busy day. We are not sure what the little stops are but I guess we will find out. They take the bus to the island so we have transportation there and will be able to see more than we would if we had just gone on our own. We will post a picture or two when we get back!

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