Sunday, June 22, 2008

New Baby Pictures!!!

We have a very active little baby (and stubborn too! It took forever to get a picture of the face) We still don't know if our little baby is a boy or girl but hopefully we will find out July 22. Here is a picture of the latest picture (and by that I mean a picture taken with our camera because our scanner doesn't work - I will try to borrow a friend's soon so we can put a better picture on here!) In one of the pictures the baby was actually waving! And we saw him/her KICK!


Anonymous said...

So - it looks like the baby is taking after you!

And really - I can't see much. I tried to blow the pictures up, but when I did it lost a little detail.

Thanks for posting, though. I'm happy to hear the baby is active.

Love, Mom

Anonymous said...

I agree she is just being like her mom - Stubborn! It has to be a great grand daughter - she is being so modest.
Papa Bill & Grandma Darlene


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