Sunday, August 31, 2008

Weekend Project...

After all of Heather's stateside shopping, we have a lot of things for Grace's room. She now has a closet full of clothes (in sizes preemie, newborn, and 0-3 months). And in the guest bedroom (Sorry, mom... you won't have much dresser space when you come because she has more clothes than all of us combined!) she has 2 drawers full of clothes size 3-6 month, 2 drawers full of the 6-9 month clothes and then one last drawer for everything bigger than that! Lots of blankets, bibs, and socks. We also have her bedding set so we spent Friday getting the nursery set-up. Dustin painted the walls pink a couple weeks ago. Here are a couple pictures of what we got done. We both think she has the cutest nursery in world, and it is government housing!!


Anonymous said...

I love Grace's room!

And I plan to pack light, so I won't need too much space. I might need a little floor space in the closet for my camera gear, though. We've got to get pictures.


Ashley said...

The nursery looks great!


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