Monday, November 10, 2008

Pepsi White?

So the other day I went on a little afternoon drive with a friend. In Okinawa they don't have the gas station/convenience stores like they do in the states. They have gas stations and then they have convenience stores. If you are ever out and about and need a bathroom break you just simply pull into a Family Mart or Lawson's, which are all over the place. Well... we made our first stop and we both decided to get something to drink. Most of the labels are 100% in Japanese but some have a few English words on them. We found some water and then went to look for something carbonated. Pepsi and Coke is really easy to find because the labels look pretty much the same as they do in America so we were looking at those and this is what we found:

Yes, that does say Pepsi & Yogurt Flavor. Dustin drank it and said it was pretty good. I tried a little and thought it was OK. Not something I would want to drink everyday though. And it really didn't taste like yogurt, it was more of a sweet fruit-like taste. Now this is what I want to know....

Do you have this in the USA???


Mallory said...

NO!!! Not anywhere in Texas or south Georgia unless they snuck it in over night.

Anonymous said...

Never heard of Pepsi White in the Midwest!! :-) Don't think I'd care to try it, either - sounds kind of icky!

Dustin - Thank you for serving our country!! We need more dedicated people like you! I hope you have a great Veteran's Day and that those around you respect all the work you do for our freedom!! I thank you for making the USA a safer place!!

Love, Aunt Mary

Samantha said...

I saw something along those lines in a Japanese market in British Columbia...Not the States, but its still North America. haha. It was obviously just imported and definitely not a non-Japanese version of the same drink.

Hope all is well with you Heather!!!

CCW said...

I have not heard of that!! Pepsi and Yogurt ?? Hmmm... does it have some nutritional value (yogurt...calcium?) Hahah probably not. Interesting find though!!


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