Friday, January 9, 2009


Well, Grace is 1 month old today! She is growing so much and is so alert. At her check-up at 2 1/2 weeks she weighed 9 lbs! She has her favorite toys, book, and song. She is defintely the center of everyone's attention around here.

In the past month we have been staying pretty busy, and not just busy taking care of Grace. We made our first big outing to the Pineapple Park in Nago (Grace was 1 week old), then we went with friends to the Aquarium (almost 2 weeks). The day after Christmas we went to the Botanical Garden's Christmas Paradise to see the Christmas lights and light show (2 weeks). And our last big trip was this past weekend to Shuri Castle (3 1/2 weeks). We have also taken several shopping trips and been to a few restraunts off-base, we normally stick to places on-base but we were very impressed with the few we have tried lately.
For New Year's Eve we went to a friend's house and had a game night. We had a great time playing Battle of the Sexes (and the girls won!!) We made it home before midnight and were in bed shortly after. Grace let us sleep until 4:30 when she woke up for just long enough to eat and then went right back to sleep for a few more hours!

Here are some pictures we took over the past month. There were quite a few times we didn't take the camera since we had our personal photographer with us so we don't have pictures of everything but I am sure Mom does on her myspace (

This past Sunday was Grace's dedication at church.

At the secondest largest aquarium in the world

Christmas Lights at the Botanical Gardens


Nicole said...

I'm so glad you all are enjoying Okinawa! :D

Sarah said...

looks like a fun and full month!

Erin said...

looks like you are enjoying family life!

Ps. Where did you get your stroller. I love it!

jlc said...

Awww. Happy 1 month to one of the most beautiful Japanese babies I know! :)

PS Does she have dual citizenship? Cause that would be AWESOME.


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