Saturday, April 3, 2010

Happy Easter!

Tomorrow is Easter and it looks as if we are going to have a busy day. We are having breakfast at a friends house in the morning. After breakfast we are going to hide some eggs for Grace and then we are going to dye our own eggs! Sometime in there we will have to put Grace down for a nap (I have the pack-n-play ready to go) so she will be ready for a church BBQ in the afternoon.

This evening we went to another friends house for steak and potatoes. I spent a good portion of the morning in the kitchen baking all sorts of yummy things for the different things we have going on. I made cookies and cupcakes for today and cookies and puppy chow for the church BBQ. The cupcakes I made turned out really cute but I don't have a picture since the cameras are in the car. Maybe I will take a picture of the two I have saved for the friends we are visiting tomorrow. I copied Maggie's cupcakes that she brought over yesterday for us - green coconut for grass and jelly beans as eggs!

Tonight it was a little late when we were putting Grace to bed but we decided to go ahead and read her a bedtime story. I thought it was only fitting to read the Easter Story to her since tomorrow is Easter. On every page she would point to the picture of Jesus and say "Jesus"

And now I am going to share this picture with you. It only took me close to an hour to get this on here. I lost the CD for the printer/scanner so I had to find a download for the driver then figure out how to get the photo into a format that blogger would recognize. That took uploading it to facebook and then saving it from there. Hopefully I find an easier way the next time I need to scan something. And the reason it had to be scanned was we were in the BX and Grace surprised us by actually sitting on the Easter Bunny's lap! We just decided we would walk by to see what she would do expecting to just wave and say hi since the weekend before she cried when the Easter Bunny was walking down the aisle she was on. I think the fact that he had candy might have played a role in convincing her that he wasn't so bad. She even clapped her hands and waved to us! And we didn't have our camera so the only picture we got was the one they printed off for us there.
Sorry for the bad quality but this is the best I can do.


Patty Patterson said...

Grace looks so cute! I'm glad she decided the Easter Bunny wasn't so bad after all! And really - the picture looks pretty good!

T and C said...

This bunny looks less creepy than the bunny/person one from last year! :)


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