Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Christmas Pictures

A few weeks ago we had my mom take some pictures of Grace for our Christmas card.
Grace did SO good! She is at that age where it is very hard for her to sit still for very long. She would so much rather be exploring something. But she sat right where we told her to and she gave us some really cute smiles!

Here are some of my favorites

It looks like she is ready to have fun on that sled!

Such a cute smile

This is probably my favorite of all of them! She just looks so sweet :-)

Such a big smile!!

And here she is just being silly

I posted all of them on facebook and if you haven't seen them there you can click HERE

I think we will need to go back for more pictures soon because my little girl is turning TWO!
I have just a couple more days of her being 1. She already tells us everyday "I'm big girl!"


Patty Patterson said...

She's beautiful! And yes, we will need to do 2 year old pictures soon!

BSS said...

Those pictures are SOOOOO cute!


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