Thursday, July 16, 2009

Fun with Maggie!

Today we had a very special treat. Maggie came over to play!! We started the day off by meeting Kelly and Maggie at the pool and had a blast. After lunch Kelly brought Maggie over for a few hours. We dumped ALL the toys on the floor and played with the beach toys and the baby doll. But I think the most fun thing was our "Tea Party"


Grace's Grandma said...

That was cute! I think someone needs to send Maggie's Grandma a link so she can hear how well she's talking. I'm happy to hear that you had a happy day and that Grace got to spend time with her best friend. Childhood is so precious and she's off to a wonderful start.


Papa Bill said...

That's My GREAT Grand daughter and her friend!!
Seeing her enjoying a Tea Party with a friend brings great JOY to me! Thanks

North Country said...

Thank-you for sharing your link. I great to see that both Kelly and Maggie have a BFF to spend time with. Wendy/Kelly's mom and Maggie's Grandma G.


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