Monday, July 13, 2009

New Stuff!

First off, Grace had a big new milestone today (and, no, that tooth has not made its appearance yet). While on our way home from the gym today Grace was talking away. She is quite a vocal little girl! But today she had a few new sounds. At first I was hearing a-ba a-da and then a-da-da! Since then she has said DA-DA quite a bit. She even managed to say it quietly while on the phone with her Daddy and then said it a few times while we were out to dinner with a friend.

Secondly, I posted yesterday about the toys Grace got from Toy's R Us. Here is a video of her playing with one of the toys she went crazy over at the store.

Lastly, I realized I have never posted pictures of our new house. I took some shortly after we moved in but the lighting wasn't good, all our pictures hadn't been hung, and Grace's room wasn't finished. Well, I never did go back and take pictures again and I never did take pictures of the bathrooms, our bedroom, or the guest room. But I will at least post the few that I have.

Living Room

Looking from the dining room to the entry area

More of the living room (also taken from the dining room)

Dining Room - I thought I had a picture of the kitchen but I guess I don't.

Grace's Room - before anything was hung on the walls. She was asleep in her crib when I took
this picture.

Our huge balcony

The other side of our balcony

The view


You can see another island in the distance


Terre and Chelsea said...

Oh, I miss Okinawa!!

Is that your inherited propane tank I see on the balcony ?!? ;)

Miss you!

(army)Wife said...

Such a gorgeous view!!

Yay for saying Da-Da! I'm trying to get Lil' Mootz to say Da-Da before Stonewall gets home. I think that would be an awesome welcome home surprise :)

Patty Patterson said...

WoW! Look how high her crib mattress was back then! Just think how many times you've had to lower it.

It's just amazing to watch the videos and see what all Grace has accomplished this past year!


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