Friday, February 26, 2010


Yes, we are in Hawaii! Well, just Grace and I. Dustin had to stay back at home and work. We got on a flight on Friday and landed in Hawaii very late Thursday night. And, yes, you are reading that right - we arrived in Hawaii the day before we left. Dustin was able to book a couple rooms at the inn (the last rooms anywhere nearby!!) for all the passengers on our plane. We got a little bit of rest, a cold shower, and now we are back at the air terminal waiting for our next flight. If all goes as planned I should be back in Oklahoma sometime Saturday afternoon!!

Grace, as usual, did excellent on the plane. She didn't sleep like she has in the past but she did take a good 2 hour nap and then was up and ready to play for the last 6 hours. One of the crew gave us a very good compliment and said she was the BEST behaved child he has EVER seen on any of the flights! And I was able to stay nice and toasty while the other people on the flight were huddled under the heaters (this type of aircraft can get VERY cold!!!) with the BIG blanket that Grandma Phyllis sent Grace for Christmas.

Now we are in the USO infant room where they have cribs, a changing table, rocking chairs, books and toys just killing time. We will probably be here for most of the day because there isn't much else to do since we have all of our luggage.

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Patty Patterson said...

I am so excited to see you.... and Grace, of course! I can't wait!


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