Friday, February 12, 2010

Goldfish, Games, Cherry Blossoms, and Packages

I am going to take a small break from blogging about our trip to share what we have been up this week (before I forget!). Check back for our afternoon in Napier!

On Wednesday I went to my weekly women's Bible study at the chapel and left Grace in the childcare which is provided. When I went to pick her up they told me how good she was (she doesn't like me to leave her and they have actually brought her to me once because she was so upset... she is getting MUCH better though!) and then they said she ate a lot of goldfish. She had never had goldfish before... I actually never even thought of goldfish for a snack. But they told me she loved them and cried when she had ate them all! So guess what she had for a snack yesterday? Yep! GOLDFISH!!

Yesterday we went with our friends Kelly and Maggie to a Cherry Blossom festival at a park in Naha. I think the cherry blossoms were much better this year than last!

{Pretty pink trees}

This was one of the best trees but you can't see much of it! This is also about the best picture we got of Grace and Maggie. As soon as one of them would look at the camera the other would look away.

We got to play on the little playground. Maggie had fun in the sand and Grace had fun following Maggie around!

{Looking at the water}

{just like a picture we have from last year}

{say CHEESE!}

{Sharing cherry blossoms that they picked up off the ground}

Grace also has a new game she likes to play. She tries to get her Daddy to chase her! Here is a video of her playing the other night... we played this for probably about 15 min!

Do you remember when I posted about a couple giveaways before our vacation? Well, I was checking my email one evening on the ship and saw that I had won one of them!!! And yesterday I got it in the mail! Allison makes some really cool little items from felt and she sent me this:
{picture taken from her store - 'Cause I Felt Like It}
Thanks Allison!!

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corkyshell said...

Those cherry blossoms are gorgeous! I love the pictures, Grace is growing up so fast.


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