Saturday, March 6, 2010

New Pictures!!!

Anytime my Mom visits us or we visit her Grace gets new pictures made. We are going to have so many wonderful pictures of her cute little face! One day I need to actually get some large prints and frame them. Maybe when we have a house that we won't be charged for putting nails in the wall.

This visit we are doing 15 month and Easter pictures. We started with a short "play" session. I think some of these may end up on the walls in my Moms front room that now has a play theme because of the HUGE outdoor climber/slide that she put in there. We will probably get around to the Easter pictures this next week. Here is a little peak at the newest pictures though. If you want to see all of them you can either see them on my facebook (if we are facebook friends) or you can visit my Moms website:, click on "clients" and then select "Grace - Spring 2010" in the drop down box. You will have to enter your email address to login.

1 comment:

JG said...

I saw them on facebook and they are ALL adorable!


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