Saturday, May 8, 2010

Productive Saturday

We have had a very relaxing but productive Saturday. First we started out by making a list of dinner ideas and a shopping list. We added a few new meals which should be fun to try!

Since Grace can't really help us plan out our meals (I am sure we would be eating a lot of goldfish crackers, bananas, and chocolate if it was up to her!) she got to do a more fun task.

She is definitely right-handed.

Then it was time to get ready and off we went to shop. We started out at the BX since we had some things to return. As we were waiting in the check out line Maggie ran up to us. What a nice surprise! Grace and Maggie got to play in the toy kitchen they have on display for a little while before we had to go. While I did the grocery shopping Dustin and Grace went to clean out the van and go to the post office.

We made it home right at lunch time. I had bought several new things for Grace to try so for lunch she had a hotdog. She had tried one at the dragon boat races that Maggie had shared with her and seemed to like it. Today she LOVED them. She ate one and then asked for more. There was not a single piece left of the 2 hotdogs we have her!

After a very short nap it was time to play again. We were needing a few things from the 100 Yen store so I took off to get those while Dustin and Grace stayed home to get the car washing stuff ready.

I came home with these cute sunglasses for Gracie!

We had to have a little snack before our next big project.
As you can see, Grace is VERY good at using her fork and spoon!
We washed the van!

Grace was such a good helper!
And now the outside of my van is finally clean.


Patty Patterson said...

Grace is doing such a good job washing the van. And she looks so cute doing it! It looks like Mommy's Little Helper is pretty good at being Daddy's Little Helper, too!

Patty Patterson said...

Just checking back to see what's new.

Anonymous said...

wow, what a good little helper!


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