Saturday, May 15, 2010

Rain, Rain, and More Rain

We had planned on going to the park on Thursday (which was a really pretty day) but with all of the errands we had that morning we ran out of time. We started by taking Dustin to pick some stuff up from work on the small Army base about 20 min away before dropping him off to pick up our new car. This is car #5 for us since we have been on island. A guy he works with summed up our car buying habits pretty well: "You got ANOTHER new car?" The car he was driving we purchased in November for a pretty cheap price but the JCI (Japanese Inspection) was coming up in October and we knew there was no way it would pass. It was about to break down and we really didn't want to put any many into it and we knew the JCI would probably cost us well over a grand. So when we heard our neighbors were leaving and planning on junking their car we offered to give them a little money for it and then we turned around and junked Dustin's car. So this led to me and Grace running around doing everything needed to deregister the car.

As we were about to head home Grace saw the playground and wanted to play. It was almost 1:00 and we still needed to eat lunch but I let her spend about 5 min on the swings (her favorite!). We had planned to go back on Friday but we woke up and everything was wet outside. And since then I don't think the rain has stopped. I think if we have rainy weather next weekend we are going to take Grace to Mona Kids Jungle which is a big indoor playground!


JG said...

Sounds like OK! It's been raining/hailing/tornado-ing all week!

Patty Patterson said...

Awww.... the park sounds fun!


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