Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Snow Day!

Last night we went to bed with thunder, lightening, and sleet outside. This morning when we woke up the ground was covered in SNOW! Pretty much everything is closed today (including Fort Sill!!) so we will be staying at home today! This is the first time Grace has ever seen the ground covered in snow. So we put on all of her warmest clothes and let her go out to play!

It is pretty windy and the snow is just blowing like crazy in circles. Hopefully the wind will die down this afternoon so she can enjoy it a little more. I think we will be collecting a bowl of snow soon so we can make a little snow ice cream!

1 comment:

Papa Bill said...

Another wonderful experience for Grace! Luv keeping up with Grace by photo. Even though we are less than less than 10 miles apart.


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