Monday, January 31, 2011

A Sunny Weekend

The weather this past weekend was really nice! We had temperatures in the 70's both Friday and Saturday. This meant lots of time spent outside. I had planned to take Grace to a park Friday afternoon but then decided to try and meet Dustin on-post during his lunch break for a picnic at a park. After hurrying to get to the park I was informed that he was done for the day. We spent a couple hours at one of the many nice parks on-post. Grace had tons of fun! Before we headed home we stopped by the community office for a bathroom break (Grace is almost potty trained!!) and we got free cookies. I didn't take my camera Friday and I haven't got the pictures my Mom took that day, sorry!

When we got home we pulled out the bounce house. Grace really enjoys jumping in it! We pulled it out another time (I think it was Thursday night) too. We had some neighbors stop by to play and we talked to several other neighbors who were out on walks enjoying the nice weather. We invited them all to come back and play next time we have the bounce house up!

We pulled out all of Grace's outside toys that we have been waiting to play with. She got a Dora trike for her birthday and a Barbie Jeep for Christmas. The weather has been a little too cold for her to enjoy them much but this weekend she got to ride on them a lot!

The birthday hat she is wearing in the picture of her in the Jeep was from a birthday party we attended last weekend. A family walked by and saw Grace riding her Jeep and wearing a birthday hat and the bounce house in the yard and thought we were having a birthday party. They were so nice and told her "Happy Birthday!"

On Saturday we went to the park in Cyril. We had never been to this park! Since it is the same town my cousins live in we called to see if any of them wanted to come play too. And Papa Bill came by to see us!

There are swings and slides and Grace would rather play with rocks!

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Patty Patterson said...

Awwww..... so fun! Don't you just love pretty weather? Just a few days ago you were playing outdoors and enjoying the sunshine and today we're getting a blizzard. *lol* Anyway, Grace looks super cute!


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