Wednesday, April 6, 2011


I have a bit of catch-up to do. We have been busy enjoying the lovely weather and I just got around to getting the pictures off my camera (more than a weeks worth!). So hopefully I will get some more posts up soon!

This last Saturday we enjoyed a day at the OKC Zoo. We had been wanting to take Grace for quite some time now but just finally made time for it. She had a great time even though this wasn't the best zoo we have been to (it is hard to beat a day at the Sydney zoo!).

First we stopped by the children's zoo.
They had a barnyard where Grace got to pet the animals and she even fed a goat!

Then we went to see the birds.
Grace had a great time feeding them the nectar!

We walked around and saw lots of animals.
Grace was really looking forward to seeing the giraffes. There were several giraffes and even a baby! I think she was pretty happy.

We saw lots of other animals but I didn't get any pictures. We watched the zoo keeper feed the cheetahs, saw a couple of elephants, and flamingos, and we even saw a monkey swinging from a rope! Grace had a great time and Olivia pretty much slept through everything. After being out in the heat for so long we decided to make a stop at Cold Stone on the way home. Delicious!


Patty Patterson said...

I have pictures! I was going to get them off the camera yesterday, but Brilyn came by. So.... I'll try to get to it today!

Kaup Fleet said...

Coldstone! I'm so jealous.


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