Thursday, April 7, 2011

The Circus Came to Town!

A couple of weeks ago the circus came to our little town. We decided to take the girls and invited their Grandma and Grandpa (they came with us to the zoo too) to come too!

I didn't get but a couple pictures because the spotlights were pretty bright and I thought the pictures I did take looked horrible on the back of my camera. I just put the camera away but when I looked on the computer I was surprised they even came out this good.

There were lions and tigers. One of the tigers got in trouble for peeing on the stand it was sitting on. Grace likes to tell people about that because it was kind of funny.

Her favorite part was the juggler. She still talks about the guy who juggled. She will get her arms moving and all excited say "the guy juggled." She will even tell you everything the guy juggled - hats, rings, balls. She also really liked the clown. "He jumped. And he bumped his head. That is really funny." I guess the other parts just weren't as exciting because she never seems to mention them.

Oh, and what is a circus without cotton candy and a snow cone?
And Grace decided on the big bag of cotton candy so she could share!

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Patty Patterson said...

I love to hear Grace tell about the circus! She still gets excited talking about that juggler. So cute!


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