Tuesday, July 12, 2011


On Friday night we went to my little hometown's rodeo. We live just a few miles from where I grew up and it has been a few years since we had been to the rodeo (Dustin had been once before). We knew Grace would enjoy seeing all of the horses and cows!

It was HOT but the sun was going down and there was a little breeze so it didn't feel too bad at all. It started at 8pm (when we left around 7:45 it was still 100 degrees) which is past Olivia's bedtime and we knew she wouldn't enjoy being out in the heat so I put her to bed at my Grandpa's house since he lives right down the road. Maybe next year she will be able to enjoy seeing horses and cows too!

Uncle Billy showed up to watch. He rides in rodeos quite often but has been too busy working so he was just a spectator this time. He did take Grace to participate in the Calf Scrabble. It was open to all kids 12 years and younger and they chased a few cows around the arena trying to get the ribbon from their tales.

She came back and told us she won!
For a 2 year old having fun is all it takes to be a winner.
And then she wanted to go back out there and chase the cow again.

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Patty Patterson said...

She looks like a winner to me! :-)


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