Friday, July 1, 2011

The Greatest Show on Earth

Last Sunday afternoon we went to the Circus. We got there an hour early for the All-Access pre-show which was better than the little circus we went to a few months ago.
We got to see the clowns juggle!! And Grace got to meet the man with the mighty muscles and get his autograph!

This elephant is Kelly Anne. She is an artist! Grace enjoyed watching her paint a picture with her trunk. Before the show got started she asked for her own little Kelly Anne to take home. During the circus she was holding her elephant and then noticed a little green blob (tattoo) on the lady sitting in front of her. She is now convinced that her elephant pooped on the lady's back at the circus. This was also her favorite part.

A strong man

And at one point during the circus Grace started walking up the stairs. My Mom was sitting in the aisle seat so she went to get her. When she asked Grace where she was going she said "to get cotton candy" A few minutes later they came back with a bag of cotton candy.

Olivia decided to sleep through most of the show. She woke up at the very end and didn't quite know what to think about all the lights.

And my Mom has more (and much better!) pictures than I do so be on a look out for them on her blog - Artistic Images

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Patty Patterson said...

The circus was fun and the pre-show was great, but I kind of like the little circuses. I like the "tent" which is traditional and a part of all the storybooks - and the big circuese don't have that. I especially like it when the elephants help put up the tent. Hopefully, someday we can watch.


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