Monday, August 8, 2011

Ready for Preschool!

Since we are going to start homeschooling this year we decided we needed an office makeover.
Add some shelves and canvas storage baskets, curtains, a refurbished chair and cushion, and some paint and it looks GREAT!

The before:

The camera was foggy so this isn't a great picture but it was all I could find.
This is looking in from the door. Grace's table, easel, and shelf on the far wall. The desk is on the right and there are two windows with our big toy box between them on the left. We have a bookshelf behind the door. The wall color is undecided upon - my Mom calls it sage and our neighbor calls it taupe. Either way it is sort of dark. Add in dark floors, dark furniture, and dark blinds. Kind of a dreary place we only used as a playroom. The floors are EXCELLENT for paint projects with the girls though. They clean up quick and easy with a baby wipe!

And now for AFTER:

We moved the toy box out and put the table where the toy box was. Added Egg Custard paint to the walls (it really isn't the school bus yellow it looks in this picture). Hung some curtains (made by my Mom. THANKS!) Refurbished an old kitchen chair by painting it red and recovering a cushion (again, made by Mom). I put a cork board above the desk (trimmed it in the same material as the cushion and curtains). We also added the storage baskets and shelves. They are great for organizing all of our craft supplies, crayolas, and extra office supplies.
And I put up our Chick-a Chick-a Boom Boom tree, which is our theme for this school year.
We had Olivia's jumperoo in there so she could play while we were finishing up things and since it matched the room we decided its new home would be next to my desk.
And I have actually moved the computer back to the desk.
I just love being in our new *bright* room!

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Patty Patterson said...

It's cute! And I love the happy color!


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