Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Watermelon Festival

This past Saturday was the Rush Springs Watermelon Festival. Rush Springs is a small town just about 30 min from us. We decided to check it out. Even though I grew up in this area I cannot remember ever going. There was a display of watermelons.
This is the Largest Watermelon category.

The winner was 114 pounds!

There were also several rides there. It was like a little carnival! Grace tried out her first roller coaster. She was not a fan though.
She preferred the "merry-go-round" much better!

There were also several little tents set up with things for sell. We walked through most of them but didn't buy anything. They had a lot of cute outfits and bows for girls.

We stopped and bought a watermelon from someone selling them out of the back of their pick up truck. Then we headed to a roadside vegetable stand that we had visited a couple of months ago. There we got a cantaloupe and a couple of peaches!

Grace wanted to eat the cantaloupe!

And Olivia got to try a little taste of watermelon!

I don't know if you can tell or not but the girls are wearing their matching watermelon pj's. Grace has really been into them wearing matching pj's every night (and every naptime!). They each had a fleece sleeper that matched. Olivia outgrew hers (0-3 months) a while back but Grace kept pulling it out and finding hers and wanting to match. I took the girls shopping at Children's Place last week and we bought matching sleepers in every design they had both their sizes in!

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Patty Patterson said...

So cute! And yes - Grace is into matching. Last night when we were getting ready for bed she asked if we could match. But - I don't know where I could find pajamas that match in both of our sizes. She also wants to get you some pajamas like hers and Olivia's so you can match them at your house! But Grandpa doesn't need to match because he's a boy.. and boys can't match girls.


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