Thursday, September 22, 2011

Picking Pears

During our first week of school we were looking for an apple tree. We never found one. The Saturday of that week we were coming home and saw a tree with fruit! Dustin went and asked the people who owned the land if we could pick some of the apples off their tree. The guy told him they were actually pears but to take as many as we wanted. The next evening we took a walk to the pear tree. Dustin went to let the people know we were there to pick the pears. He talked to a lady this time who told him that is was an apple tree!

After finding some we decided they were really pears.

On the way back home the girls enjoyed their pears!


Papa Bill said...

I've been so busy doing the urgent stuff" that I'm missing the most important! Thanks for helping me keep up with grandkids!

megan said...

awww! Your girls are so pretty! I LOVE pears! I say good find!


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