Thursday, September 15, 2011

Pictures of Olivia

I thought I would post a few pictures of Olivia.

Olivia loves to play on the floor. And Grace loves to cover her in toys, blankets, and loveys.

This was a dress I wore when I was a baby (well, I think 1 year old). Grace wore it when she was 5 months, and here is Olivia at 6 months in it.

Olivia is a grabber! If she sees something she wants she reaches for it. She loves reaching for our food so one morning we shared our muffins with her.

She loved it!!

Here she is sitting in Grace's squeaky chair with a baby doll Grace gave her. Grace loves to share her things with her sister. She even shares her little lamb which has been her favorite lovey since we bought it while in New Zealand!

Over Labor day weekend we went to OKC to check out the new outlets and go to Babies R Us. Olivia rode in the cart for the first time!

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Patty Patterson said...

She's getting big! And as she grows it seems like her smile just gets bigger and bigger. She's such a happy baby. You are blessed!


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