Wednesday, October 26, 2011


We are back from a short vacation that included LOTS of time on the road.
We started off last Thursday at naptime. Both girls were asleep before we got on the interstate (only about 5 min from our house!). We made it a good 2.5-3 hours before we had to stop. We stopped by Dustin's parents' house for dinner since we were passing by that area of the country. Then at bedtime we drove until all the way to Fort Campell, KY. It was about an 11 hour drive that day. We got a few hours sleep at a friends house before checking out the area, having lunch, and then driving on to Nashville. We were looking for something fun for the girls to do and found a cute little place called Monkeys Treehouse. It was PERFECT! The girls had a great time playing and it was a good break from the amount of time we had spent in the car. While we were there a lady told us about the Loveless Cafe & Hotel which we ended up eating dinner at. It was delicious southern food! Elvis filmed there too and the walls were covered with pictures of famous people who had been there.

On Saturday we explored Nashville a little before heading to the Army football game. They ended up losing to Vanderbilt but it was a fun game. We also went to the official tailgate beforehand and got a little free food which was much better than the expensive food inside the stadium. I put pictures on facebook of the girls in their Army gear!

Sunday morning we got up and hit the road again. This time we only had a 3 hour drive down close to Atlanta. We finally Dustin's brothers family. While we were in Japan his brother got married and now they have a little girl who is already 19 months old (who is SO cute!). It was so great finally getting to spend some time with them. Hopefully it won't be this long before we see them (and their new little boy!!) again.

On Monday we visited the Tellus Science museum and Grace got to dig for fossils and pan for gold. Anything that involves digging or water she LOVES so this was the highlight of the museum for her. Then we drove about an hour to Atlanta and visited the World of Coke. Grace loved the sampling room. She would tell us which one she wanted to try and we would put a little in her cup. After she took a little sip she poured the rest out and then picked another one. She tasted one that she really liked and went to pour the rest out and I told her she could drink it all and didn't have to pour it out. She was excited about that and then wanted more! We enjoyed seeing some of the products that we saw on an almost daily basis while in Japan. Things like Georgia coffee, Aquarius, and Qoo. We even saw a Japanese vending machine!

After we left the World of Coke we headed for home. We made it to Memphis on Monday and then finished the drive on Tuesday. We had thought we would break it up a little more and find things to do along the way back but we were all ready to get home. Olivia spent about 15 minutes laughing once we got home she was so excited!

The total driving time (not including driving around Nashville and Campbell) was about 30 hours. Next road trip is to Houston at the end of the year for a friends wedding!v

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