Friday, December 16, 2011

Grace is 3!

Last Saturday Grace turned 3!
We had a FUN birthday party for her at our house. She picked the theme - CIRCUS! And then she picked her cake. So the week before her birthday we set out to make her the best cake ever. It took a little bit of time on 4 separate days but I think it was definitely worth it. Day #1 I made the brownie pops for the clown, ringmaster, and animal bodies. Day #2 we used fondant to turn the brownie pops into figures for the cake. Day #3 my Mom and Grace made the cakes - one 10" round and two 6" round cakes that would later be stacked to make a two tier cake. On day #4 we covered each tier in fondant and added circles and stars to the bottom layer and stripes to the top. Once I got the cakes home I had to assemble them all. It was MUCH easier than her first birthday cake. It turned out GREAT! One of the kids at the party asked if the cake came from Cake Boss. That is a huge compliment.

Dustin used 3 colors of crepe paper to create a "circus tent" look in our living room. We had popcorn and cotton candy for all the guests. We had a few carnival games set up for the kids to play as they arrived. Once most everyone was here we went outside and the kids jumped in the bounce house while the men got the pinata ready. After all the candy was collected from the ground it was time for presents!! While Grace opened presents I got the cake ready to be served (cut the entire top layer and about 6 slices off the bottom layer). Then I was told that I forgot about the candles. Oops! Grace didn't seem to mind that she blew her candles out after the cake was already cut. The party turned out great! It was a little crazy with over 30 people in our house but that just adds to the fun, right?

I took a few pictures with my phone before the party so I could put them on facebook. Things were a little too crazy during the party for me to take pictures but my Mom took several so I will eventually have them. Here is the link to my facebook album:

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