Saturday, December 17, 2011

A Trip to the Dentist

On Tuesday, we made a 90 mile drive to take the girls to the dentist. Grace has been once before when she was only about 20 months old. But this was more like a first visit since the last visit was more of a class on how to care for you child's teeth and then they just painted them with a fluoride treatment. This time they started out by brushing her teeth and then they brushed them with some special fluoride paste. They showed her how the vacuum and the water sprayer worked and she got to try them out herself! Then they did x-rays of her teeth and she got to see the pictures on their computer. They had some time before the dentist came to check her teeth so they did a fluoride treatment. She got to pick the flavor of foam and she chose strawberry!

This was Olivia's first visit to the dentist and she really surprised me with how well she did. I figured she would just cry but she didn't at all. She has stranger anxiety and cries or gets super clingy if people try to touch her or hold her. She has one little tooth and she even got a fluoride treatment!

When we got in the car after the dentist Grace said she had a good day!
We go back in 6 months :)

And in case you are wondering why we drove 90 miles... this is the dentist I saw as a child and two of my brothers went to him too. We have never had any problems and he is super nice. The only pediatric around that I know of likes to drug kids and is mean. Oh, and there is a Toy's R Us, Target, and nice mall all near the dentist office :)

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