Friday, May 4, 2012

New Adventure

We are moving. Dustin starts a new job in July down in Texas. He is officially leaving the Army. Orders are in hand!

We are trying to sell our house here so we can start the process of buying a house down there. Grace has already decided what color she wants to paint her room! And if you ask her about our move she will tell you
 "We are moving to Texas. But not Texas Roadhouse. Texas Denton. You can't throw peanuts on the ground there. Texas Roadhouse would be too loud to live at."

I am sure we will be making the drive to OK quite often so Grace can swim and have tea parties. We are looking at houses in a community with a pool and waterpark. Anyone want to take their summer vacation to our house?


Kami said...

Thanks for commenting on my blog- I replied! ;)
I bet we'll be almost neighbors! We live near 2 communities with waterparks. Let me know if you need anything when you get here! ;) Kami

Nutty Mom said...

Hey there, I saw on someone else's blog that you're moving to Denton and looking for things to do. While I dont live in Denton I know a super fun bouncy place that would be smack in between there and where I live! Stop by my blog sometime and maybe we can "get to know each other"!

Patty Patterson said...

I do! I do! I want to go to the water park and the park and play with Gracie and Olivia!
I'm sure I'll be coming to visit. And maybe when I do someone can come back to Oklahoma with me to stay a few days! I'm going to need a swimming buddy, you know!

Brittany said...

I saw your blog on Kelly's Korner and we live near Denton ( in Lake Dallas) so I wanted to stop by. My son is 4 and my little girl is 3.5 so if you're looking for new friends and fun local ideas when you get to Denton, I'd love to help! Also, I think it was your blog that mentioned homeschooling and we know a little about that, too. (Sorry if that was another blog :)) Anyhow, welcome to Texas (soon)!

Heather said...

Thanks for stopping by! No, we live on the other side of the metroplex (so our church is pretty far away, to answer your question), but my brother and his wife live in Denton! I've heard great things about Denton Bible Church, but it kind of depends on what kind of church you're looking for I guess.

I actually think I know which community you're looking at, and it's so nice! Good luck on your newest adventure. I'll stop by again!

Kaup Fleet said...

Wow! Good luck on your adventure.


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