Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Project Life Week 19 & 20

I am just combining the last 2 weeks photos. I have been bad about using my camera (need to find batteries!) so most of these are phone pictures. And I cannot get the pictures to arrange the way I want them so they are in a VERY random order :)

The Mom Creative

 5/17 - Grace got to be the first one to try out the pool slide that we got my Mom for Mother's Day/her birthday. The girls had a blast on it!

5/12 - Grace decided she would "trick" Daddy into thinking it was Mother's Day a day early. It worked! The girls made me a cute card with their hand prints and we all got matching aprons! We decided to make Daddy a berry cobbler :)
5/14 - I found this picture on my phone. We had friends over and they were playing with the camera app and took this picture of Olivia.

5/13 - The girls love playing in the pool.

5/15 - We went to Target with our friend and came home with this fun water toy!

5/19 - Watching for Daddy in the Armed Forces Day parade.
The girls loved watching the parade.

5/19 - My little helpers wearing their matching aprons (I have one too!) that we got for Mother's Day.

5/18 - Painting is so much fun. But SO messy!

5/10 - We had our Hail & Farewell at Medicine Park. I took the girls for a walk and Grace asked me to take her picture. I think she must have recognized the scenery from pictures her Grandma has taken out there.
5/17 - Remember that bunny that was living under our playset? Well, it had babies! We found 5 bunnies in our backyard.

5/9 - Having fun on the swing at church with Daddy!

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Katie's Nesting Spot said...

It's so nice that your camera photo takes way better pictures than mine. The inflatable slide is very cool and little bunnies sound like fun!


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