Monday, August 13, 2012

Dallas World Aquaruim

We were trying to come up with something fun one day so we decided to head to Dallas and visit the Dallas World Aquarium.

It was very different from any aquarium we have ever been to.

This is a sloth in a tree. We could walk right up to it. A lot of the animals were not in enclosures and were free to roam.

It sort of felt like walking through a rain forest.

A monkey climbing a tree on monkey island.

Can you see the little black monkey? They were really small!

We walked along a winding path that went up and down small hills. Grace thought it was like riding a roller coaster.

She wanted to put her hands up every time we went down a hill. Olivia wasn't thrilled to be in the stroller and wanted to walk.

Penguins! We didn't stay outside to see the penguins very long... Grace said it was too stinky.

We walked through a tunnel and saw some fish!

And there was an OWL!

And the flamingos were Olivia's favorite! She tried to act like a flamingo.

We are looking forward to going to another nearby aquarium soon. We had plans to go (and bought tickets) but the girls weren't feeling too well so we will have to wait.


Patty Patterson said...

Grace doesn't care for stinky stuff, does she? She told me about stinky boys - but Uncle Andrew doesn't stink. He smells pretty sometimes. Kind of like a girl. *lol*

Cheryl said...

Fun trip! I'm hearing great things about the Dallas Aquarium and think we need to head that way too for a visit. A little girl in my Bible Class went back in the spring and she's STILL talking about it.


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