Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Barnes and Noble Story Time

When we first got to TX we didn't have internet so we were going to Starbucks, McDonald's, and Barnes and Noble quite often to look up fun activities in the area. Barnes and Noble quickly became our favorite. The girls loved playing with the train table and looking at books. 

We also found out about the summer story time program that was being offered there by a local University Education Department.

One week Grace made a big carp which reminded me of the big carp streamers we had in Okinawa during Children's Week.

Another week we read about airplanes and she made these super cool goggles.
And made an airplane out of some super cool paper that you scratch with a stick to reveal beautiful colors.

Another week they read about aquariums and she made her own aquarium with paper cut outs of fish and other sea life, 2 paper plates, a clear cup, and a toilet paper roll. 

And then the last week we had a FIESTA!! She got to make this hat. 

And afterwards she got a cookie and ice cream!

I wish they were doing this all year because Grace looked forward to going every week.

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