Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Look! SNOW!!!

What a surprise we woke up to!

We woke up and were surprised with SNOW! We had no idea it was going to snow. I even checked the weather before going to bed.

When Olivia woke up I opened the blinds so she could see outside. She started pointing and saying SNOW!


Grace was so excited! She had already seen the snow falling out the window. She checked out all the windows to see if it snowed all around our whole house. It did!

We had plans to go to a neighbors house and play this morning so we got all bundled up and went outside.

They got to play in the snow a little on the walk over. Grace likes to make snow balls and throw them. Olivia likes to eat snow. When Dustin came home tonight Grace told him that they woke up to snow outside. Olivia told him she ate snow!

Olivia was so bundled up in her big coat (that used to be Grace's and is a little too big) that she had a little trouble staying balanced. She leaned over to get a handful of snow and fell face first. Just look at all that snow on her hat! She wasn't too happy about that.

The snow didn't last too long. By the time we left the neighbors there wasn't enough to make snow ice cream. But this is the THIRD time it has snowed this winter! Next time Grace wants it to last long enough to build a snowman and make snow ice cream (with caramel and chocolate syrup!)


Patty Patterson said...

It's pretty! And I think we'll get another snow or two this year. January and February are normally the coldest months and we have even seen snow in March before. There is still time for a big blizzard!

Jen said...

So pretty!!! :)


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