Thursday, January 10, 2013

More Snow!

We drove home the day after Christmas.
And when we got home there was even snow at our house! 

So we unloaded our bags and pulled out some warm clothes and got all bundled up.


This is what Olivia does when you tell her to smile for the camera. 

And the girls got to build a snowman!

Those are Hershey Kisses as buttons and eyes :)


Patty Patterson said...

It rained here last night so I looked out this morning expecting the remaining bits of snow around the neighborhood to finally be gone - but nope.... there is still snow out there. Not much, but I can see a few spots from the dining room window. I'm guessing in places where it blew and piled up there is still quite a bit. But, we're supposed to get more rain, so it'll probably wash it all away.

Kaup Fleet said...

Snow! I thought you lived in Texas. By the way, your house looks beautiful!


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