Monday, March 4, 2013

Olivia is TWO!

Whew! What a busy month we had. February was packed with lots of fun. And LOTS of celebrating! It felt as if we celebrated Olivia's birthday almost the entire month (which we pretty much did).

We celebrated with our family in Oklahoma one weekend, the next we met Grandma Phyllis and Grandpa Mike at a hotel near the half way point to celebrate (including swimming, cupcakes, and presents), then the next weekend my Mom came to visit and we all went to the zoo.

Her actual birthday was last Monday, February 25. I like to do something fun for the girls on their birthday so we met Daddy at Chuck E Cheese for lunch. 

This is their favorite game. They win lots of tickets on this one.

And Olivia can pull the lever all by herself! She needs a little help reaching the big button though.

Since we were getting lots of tickets on this game we played it for a long time. Then we played a few more games and came back to this one.

And since we were celebrating a birthday we just had to have cake!

Olivia got a birthday sticker when we walked in the door too. She was pretty excited to wear Chuck E Cheese on her shirt.

They even had candles and a lighter. Olivia loves to blow out candles!

So we lit them over and over and over!

She had a great time! And she loves being TWO!!

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Jen said...

Adorable! Happy Birthday! :)


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