Monday, November 9, 2009

Dinner at Chili's

Tonight Dustin is on staff duty. When we lived on-base he would come home for dinner or I would drop something by if he couldn't leave or I had something to do that night. Now that we live about 20 min away we always go see him at work and then have dinner together. Sometimes we bring dinner and eat at his desk and sometimes we go out to eat.

Tonight was no exception. As soon as I got Grace up from her nap and got her dressed we were out the door. We had a couple errands to run and then we went to Dustin's office and then walked next door to Chili's.

Grace was in the best mood. She was so happy and social tonight. Normally she will almost ignore people who come up and try to talk to her but not tonight. She tried to get everyone who passed by our table to stop. I think it worked. We had several employees stop by and our server spent quite a bit of time at our table just talking to Grace.

Grace got crayons and her own menu. She threw her crayons on the floor and the server picked them up and gave them back. This turned into a game until her food came. Yes, that is right. She got to order off the menu! The server was really good and asked us almost as soon as we sat down if we would like to order her food now. She had a cheese quesadilla and steamed broccoli. She loved every bit of it!

I really wish I had taken the video camera because Grace was such a little ham at dinner tonight. I guess it needs l become a permanent part of my diaper bag.


Grace's Grandma said...

So Grace enjoys eating out! :-)

That's good to know. I enjoy eating out, also - and Chili's is one of my favorite places. I think Grace and I had better be making plans.


(army)Wife said...

That's so funny about the crayons! Everytime we leave the house I'm like, "Did we cring the camera?" Heck, I pack the camera before I pack extra diapers and formula. Hahaha!


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