Saturday, November 7, 2009

A Trip to the Zoo

We had a very fun morning today. We headed out to the zoo! We have been wanting to go back and count the tables and figure out the layout of the pavilion we are using for Grace's birthday party but we were waiting for nicer weather so we could spend a little more time checking out the animals. If you remember the last time we went to the zoo it was really, really hot so we didn't stay long at all. Today there was a nice breeze which helped out a lot but it was still pretty warm and sunny. We did make it around to see most all of the animals though!

On our way to the gate. She almost fell asleep in the car on the way because she didn't nap for even 5 min. this morning so she started out a little tired but quickly got excited and was in a really good mood when it came time to leave

We went straight to the area where Grace's birthday party is going to be -the Rides Corner. We checked out the choo-choo train

And then took a ride on the carousel

We made it to the Hippos just in time to see them being fed

Yucky!! We thought this was a pretty disgusting thing to watch.

Then we saw the tigers

And the Giraffe!

When we got to the Elephants it was almost time for the elephant show

This elephant can play basketball (but uses a soccer ball)

We watched this one get a bath!

He liked to squirt water!!

And here are a few funny signs we saw at the zoo...

In case you are wondering, this was found next to the tiger cage

1 comment:

Grace's Grandma said...

I wonder what the sign says in Japanese? I think someone mis-interpreted it. And are there vending machines all over the zoo, or do they just have concession stands?

And - I think that second sign might need a little more explaining.

And which animals did Grace seem to like the best?



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