Wednesday, November 4, 2009


I have been trying to teach Grace where her nose, eyes, ears, etc. are. So occasionally I will ask her something like "Where is your NOSE?" and normally I will end up tickling her nose and telling her that is her nose.

Yesterday I asked her where her nose was and she bent down and touched her toes. I just corrected her and told her where her nose was and that those were her toes.

Later I asked where her toes were and she bent down and touched her toes.
When Dustin asked her where her feet were she bent down and touched her feet.
If we ask where her eyes/nose/mouth/ears are she does nothing.

How does she know her toes and feet when we haven't been working on those?

Since she was itty bitty I have always sniffed her feet and told her how stinky they were. She loves it! It goes something like this *sniff* "Shoooo weeee, you have stinky feet!" and then the giggles erupt.

And what about the toes? That is a game we play to get her to sit in her highchair when she wants to do something else. We tickle her toes and tell her we are going to get them. It usually brings a big smile to her face.

I guess learning through fun and games is the best!

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Grace's Grandma said...

Grace is just a very smart little girl. But then - both of her parents are pretty smart, so what would you expect? She's got great genes.



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