Sunday, January 3, 2010

Being independent

Grace is beginning to do more things on her own. Just about a week or two ago she would not let us put her down if there were people around. She only wanted to walk at home or small areas with very few people. She would walk around the bookstore but if she were out in the open area of the BX she would just want to be held. Not anymore!!! We ended up going to the BX about 3 times this weekend for random stuff. Once was just to exchange our bug spray we bought for our cruise because it the lid got crushed in the sack and so it was leaking. We decided that Grace and I would just wait downstairs in the bookstore while Dustin got a new bug spray since that would probably be more enjoyable for Grace. Well, she did not want to look at any of the children's books. She wanted to run around the concession mall instead. She took off out the door of the bookstore and walked all the way down the hallway to where they had a couple cars on display. She then decided she wanted to climb into a nice red sports car! It is hard to believe that she was more interested in a car than shelves full of books!!

Here is a video that we took on New Years Day. She walked from the car to the BX and then back from the BX to the car!

1 comment:

Patty Patterson said...

She was probably just trying to get an early start on next year's Christmas shopping. She probably wanted to buy the sports car for Grandpa! It sounds like something he would love!


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