Friday, January 1, 2010

Let's get packing!!

Our vacation is starting to creep up on us. It is January, which means our vacation begins THIS month! 17 days to be exact. Dustin only has 9 more work days before we leave too. So I figure it is only fit that we get out the suitcases (or rather, Dustin gets out the suitcases!).

I may be a little OCD when it comes to making travel plans. I have a 3 page document for a packing list. Everything is categorized by person and which bag it will go in. I have listed all of the travel documents we will need (they are organized in a folder already which will go in a carry-on), I have all of the electronics listed, as well as batteries, cords and cables, and memory cards (they all go in the laptop case). I also have a section on the packing list for each person.

And then there is our itinerary, which is 4 pages as of now. It will only get longer as we confirm a few more things we want to do in New Zealand. First it has our flight itinerary. This only makes since to be first since it is, after all, the very first part of our vacation. Then there is our pre-cruise hotel info (name, address, phone). The cruise itinerary is listed next with a map of and port times/dates (copied from the cruises website). Then I went on to add a bullet (I love using bullets!!) for each port along with the date and time we will be there. Under each of these I have what our plans are there with websites, addresses, phone numbers, prices of the tours, etc. The very last thing is our post-cruise hotel info. We have a few more things to nail down and then I think we are set.

Now to decide how to best pack everything on my 3 page packing list into our suitcases and try to avoid excess luggage fees. I think this is going to be a difficult task since we are only allowed 1 bag that weighs 44 lbs. each and Grace is allowed 22 lbs (her diapers & wipes probably weigh that!)

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