Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The Three Little Bears

All week Grace has been playing with the same 3 little bears. Growing up we used to
buy/sell/collect beanie babies so there are a lot of beanies in the family. I think one of the bears was for Christmas last year, another was from her great-papa for her birthday (it is the December birthday bear) and I am not sure where the third came from. Occasionally there will be a fourth bear that she finds somewhere. I think right now it is hiding somewhere because we have not seen it all day. She has even slept with all her bears a couple of times!

She loves to line them all up and tell them to "sit" while she does something else. Sometimes she will sit them all down and teach them their alphabet. She loves to sing ABC to them!

They have had tea parties almost every day together. Normally they use real water and have a little snack on our ottoman which is covered with a "tablecloth." But tonight Grandma made the bears each a chair and then made them a table out of blocks for their tea party. Grace loves to help them take a drink or give them something to eat!

And she has to make sure they get plenty of kisses!! If she kisses one she must kiss all of them.


BSS said...

I'm due on Feb 26th so we are expecting at pretty much the same time! I'll have to reread some of your posts for parenting advice :)

Josh Healy said...

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